Who Needs Business Office real?

Technology has certainly made today’s work environment a vastly different world than just a few short years ago. No longer are individuals tethered to a physical office, a desk or even a desktop computer, today’s entrepreneur is on the go – working from home, out of a car, on a plane, in the park, you name it! While this is very convenient for that person, does convenience equate to a good work environment which will produce profitable business?

So how does a business person present a professional, successful image to his or her clients? Is that conveyed effectively while meeting at Starbucks or in a hotel lobby? It is doubtful these surroundings will impress your clients or provide them with confidence in you and your ability.

Who are these independents anyway?

They are:
Home-based professionals (i.e. translators, writers, bookkeepers, designers)
Small and growing businesses (i.e. marketing, futurists, IT support)
Professional service providers (i.e. lawyers, accountants, architects)

Yet isn’t establishing an office a huge expense? Doesn’t it require hours of monthly maintenance and oversight? What about affiliated costs like administrative support? The glad news is that there is a wonderful alternative – participation in a business center. What may be news to many is that business centers have been quietly serving clients for over 30 years now.

By definition a business center is simply a workplace that provides office facilities and shared service support. A business person can rent one or more offices with 24/7 access. The business center typically provides the furniture, telephone and internet for each client. The center manager takes care of the infrastructure by providing electricity, heating and air-conditioning, and janitorial services. Support services are shared among the clients and may include copiers, administrative support, and common area rooms such as rest rooms and lunch room facilities. Services are also provided to “virtual” clients – those who need only a mailing address, telephone support and occasional meeting room space.

In today’s ever changing business environment, it is more important than ever to present the right image to your prospective customers and your clients. A business center allows you to focus on what matters most – growing your business while they concentrate on the critical details of keeping your office running. You can establish your business locally, quickly and affordably.

You can easily locate a business center near you by Googling “executive office center” or “business center’ in a town near you.