7digital ways to promote your website

Many people wrongly believe that just by creating a website that they will be found by visitors  on the net and instantly build a successful online businesses. Whilst having an easy to navigate website is important, along with a great product at the right price all counts for nothing  if  your  potential clients cannot find you. Here are a list of 7 methods that an online courier business have used to promote their business that you might like to consider when planning how to generate traffic to your website.

1, PPC

Pay per click marketing is the quickest way to have visitors who are actively searching for products or services like yours sent to your website. This service is provided by search engines such as google and bing. You create an advert which is shown against search terms that you select. You will set an amount that you are willing to pay per click and the search engine will display your advert alongside competitors when your key words are searched for. The more your advert is clicked on and the higher the bid you make are the more traffic you are likely to get. So as they wanted to find visitors who wanted to send a parcel to France, this is the search term that they bid on. Whilst this is a great way to get quick traffic you do need to monitor results and spend carefully as this can be a very expensive marketing method.

2, SEO

This is Search Engine Optimisation; it is a process has two parts. Firstly is onsite optimisation where your websites pages are set up to inform the search engines exactly what your site does so that they can correctly list your pages in their index. Secondly if off site promotion where content is published and links back to your pages. The better the quality and volume of links coming back into your site the higher the search engines will rank your pages.

3, Blog Posts

You can publish content about your products and services on blogs and article directories around the web.  As well as providing back links for your SEO work, the articles will be read and can lead to visitors finding your site.

4, Forum comments

Going onto forums that discuss your product / service get establish you as an expert and lead to members asking questions and finding your site.

5, Review sites

Joining review sites can set up a profile of your business and by asking satisfied clients to review your service or product will list you in their performance tables. The international courier company Courierpoint found that by offering good prices and services that they ranked number one in the category of courier services on Trustpilot and got many visitors from this position in their table of services in this category. Many visitors will look at who the best companies are in a specific sector and visit them. This can lead to warm prospects finding you as it has for Courierpoint.

6, Facebook

Having a Facebook page can lead to clients liking you. This is seen on their Facebook wall, and other friends and family may visit and also find your products and services of interest.

7, Twitter

By following people on twitter and re-tweeting their tweets, they usually start retweeting some of yours to their followers.  In this way your offers can become shared with a wider audience and generate visitors to your site.

I hope that by promoting your website in these ways you are able to generate traffic and build a successful business.