5 Tipsfor promoting your business online

Whenever you start a business, getting traffic to your online domain is an important task. Here are 5 tips for helping to do this:-

1, Press Releases

If you can e publicity by putting out a press release about, new products, services offers or just events that you are involved in sponsorship etc. that your target clients might find interesting.  There are press release services that will distribute your information to relevant journalists, bloggers and persons of influence. They can publish and tweet information about you in a way that will enable their readers and followers to find and visit your site.

2, Opening a store on an online marketplace

Opening an online store with a large online marketplace such as ebay or amazon can be a great way to promote your services. They will always allow a description of the seller and you can include details of you r own site that often has offers not on whichever site your store is on. Keeping this information clear is very important as it reflects on your professionalism. Always be accurate and truthful in your descriptions and promises as they will ask your clients to review you and publish the results. Be careful to be specific about delivery charges, as sending aparcel to Spain will be more expensive that sending it around the UK, and incorrect delivery information can lead to negative feedback.

3, Include information on your site with every despatched order.

If you have sold a product online through an ebay or amazon store, you can include promotion information on products and services available at your own site. It is proven that you are twice as likely to sell again to an existing client as a new one, so providing information on your services to existing clients is very important.

It can often be worthwhile to make a purchase personal by including a hand-written thank-you note. If you sell goods internationally you could write the note in the language of the customer, for example if you are sending a parcel to Germanyit makes sense for the thank-you note to be in German.

4, E-mail marketing

You can create an opt–in email list for your visitors and clients to join. With an approved list of receivers you can send out regular promotions about your services and new products. You can also publicise completions and encourage Facebook likes.

5, Banner Advertising

This is a way of promoting your brand or service to potential clients while they are visiting other sites. This can work well if you have a specific service for a target client and you know sites that they visit. Showing a specifically focused banner advert their can drive targeted potential clients to your site. As this can be expensive I recommend careful limited testing to calculate ROI before committing to large scale banner advertisements.

Another way to use banner advertising is remarketing. This is where a banner is shown to visitors when they leave your site on other domains. This is a great way of reminding potential buyers that your site has what they want when they are ready to buy.

I hope that these tips help you to get many visitors to your site and achieve your online goals.