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Business Benefiting from using Professional Voice Actors

Numerous small businesses have long believed that hiring a professional voice actor to record for applications such as on hold messages, phone messages and whiteboard explainer voiceovers was too expensive. Recently voice over services website The Voice Realm launched a new feature called QUICKCAST, to bring small business professional voices at affordable rates.

QUICKCAST uses technology, six months in development, to find voice actors that are suited to the script, with experienced voices willing to give small business clients great .

The Voice Realm is now the world’s biggest network of voice over casting websites, only listingvoice talent with experience. Countless other sites allow anyone to join if they are willing to part with $300 or more. This of course opens the floodgates for amateurs to appear alongside professionals.

The website has experienced exponential growth in the past 6 months and is now expanding its offerings to clients that have smaller budgets than many large advertising agencies and fortune 500 companies.

Lauren Maree, support manager for The Voice Realm says the site continues to supply national advertising agencies, but has developed technology to bring rates down for clients with smaller budgets. “Client’s who use QUICKCAST are going to be receiving the same actors that appear on national TV and radio commercials but at affordable rates within their budget.”

The system scans their roster of male and female voice talent to find a voice that is able to record a broadcast quality version of the finalized script in less than three hours in most instances.

Following the initial recording, clients are able to give the voice talent feedback on the style, tone and pace of the audio file. The voice actor then records again using a professional studio, with this second recording still being included in the flat rate.

The Voice Realm voice over services website is revolutionizing professional audiobook recordings by streamlining the process of casting voice talent at affordable rates. The site launched in March 2012 and lists over 400 of the world’s best voices.

Customer service staff are located in North America, Europe, and Asia. They are available around the clock to assist with castings, auditions and bookings.

For more details and to use the new QUICKCAST feature visit

Ezhopz, the online shopping mall

1_shoppingmallonlineEzhopz, the online shopping mall has its origin near the tech city of Netherlands, Eindhoven which is a tiny industrial and commercial centre. It was conceived by the young entrepreneur John Meyers and his team of young developers who after taking note of the wishes and requirements of the established business houses thought of creating an online shopping mall where anyone can sell or rent their products and the customers would have a world of items to choose from a single platform. It was really an idea, when actualized would take the experience of online shopping one step further and provide a veritable platform for small businessmen to sell their wares.

John had years of experience creating online webshops which was mainly meant for big businesses. These businesses spend a lot of money in online branding, advertisement and maintenance of webshops. There were hardly any opportunity for the small business owners who couldn’t afford to spend so much money on online promotional and maintenance of webshops. So it occurred to it’s team why to not create the same opportunity for the small business owners by creating an online shopping mall, where the small entrepreneurs would have the opportunity to own an online shop at a cost which is lessened by as much as 99% of the normal expenditures of maintaining a webshop?

Ezhopz Online Shopping Mall would have shops for all kinds of items and each shop would have a customized look within the shopping mall and a feel shop presence including the facebook and mobile shops. The small business enterprises would sell their wares and the customers can directly contact the shop owners through live chat and contact forms. It was no doubt a revolutionary idea that would create a space for micro economy in the macro economic world where even home made products can be sold or rented, locally using geo-targetting functions and even across the world. Not only from the point of view of the enterprises, it would really be a truly global experience for the visitors of the online shopping community as they can buy or hire any item that is not available in the regional market.

Ezhopz, the online shopping mall is a unique online platform where any businessman or individual can own a shop. There will be a world of items and products exhibited in each shop within the shopping mall and there is a 24 x 7 help line desk to help you in case of any inquiries. You can do your shopping from the comfort of your home or while chatting in a coffee shop and as has been cited earlier the customers can have live chat with the sellers and hence any queries would be immediately addressed. There would be wide choices as per payment options are concerned and shipping would be done to any corner of the earth. You can search by countries or items and there would be a single check out that would ensure the trustworthiness of the individual shops. So there is no need to enter different sites for shopping, Ezhopz, the online shopping mall ensures a world of shopping opportunity at the click of your mouse.

You see this yourself as an interesting business solution for your business, products or services? From the middle of March 2014 you can sign up to to . Why not, from 10 products you can start for free!