How has digital affected the events industry?

We are now amongst the power of the digital age as our sense of physical communication weakens in the idolisation of communicating via text. Tim Berners-Lee has given us access to more than a billion worldwide internet users, making social media and digital technology a crucial additive to the events industry. How else are you going to build awareness and promote your event without the online communication tools in our hands?

As event managers we now embrace the web that has tangled the world into social media frenzy, and as we mark, set and grow a marketing pattern occurs that is sure to reign in a tidy attendant list.

1. We establish an online audience.

Setting the foundation of your event doesn’t stop with the framework of your exhibition stand or venue, which is why it is elementary to hone in on the channels of your target audiences. Event management companies UK protects themselves with domain names, websites and social profiles to anchor their presence online, owning a #hashtag, event page and blog. A content plan is generally distinguished that makes sure the event is never short of creative words when it comes to the build up of an event-because the run up is always full of valuable and interesting information (a documentation of planning and what’s to come).

2. We create gossip.

We can now turn our event into an online backpack that travels through the many social communities colonising on websites throughout the internet. Social networks go beyond the barriers of the general social sphere with PR sites, image sharing sites and online event planners pushing through the internet to spread your business and event to a wider audience who then share it with their collective and so on and so on. As the run up to an event usually sees the organisers utilising an array of social profiles to harvest the announcement of the event in question, target traffic is driven from the various social channels to the central hub that is a business’s website. By occupying a multitude of social profiles, an event is more likely to find its way into the top of the Google phenomenon whilst also contributing to the promotion of a business.

3. We self indulge through promotion.

Once the basis of information has been set in social vortexes, the time comes to elaborate the online presence of the event through the constant stream of promotion. Event talent, event organising specialists, and attendees are all encouraged to facilitate real time feedback and discussions through status updates, blog commenting and sharing of event marketing properties such as images, flyers, press releases and videos. Passive spectators are then worked into active participants as they begin to associate themselves with the event by sharing the marketing property through their own social networking.

4. There’s always an after party.

The key to a great event is held in the after math of conversations drilling how empiric the event was into the ears of those that did not attend. This maintains a momentum which surrounds the organisers and event purpose, and it’s important to archive that information as an asset in ways that keep the central hub beating long after an event has been hosted. The digital world has empowered us with a kind of celebrity-ism that empowers us to share our lives with people beyond our close friends and family which predominantly includes images and videos.

We can build on the success of our event skills through the assessment of our social outcome. Figuring out what worked well and what didn’t comes from feedback of all those involved and analytic systems within the social networks used.

As digitalisation has become elementary, events have boomed in capacity not only in regards to attendance but also to the awareness of event management companies and their abilities. We now have access to documented events from around the world that we would not have heard of yet alone seen or understood if it had not been for the internet. Live streams enable us to attend events visually and they play a unique part in the development of our own events through the online research we commence.

So in reality, our physical well being in the light of events has strengthened as we parade into hosted experiences thanks to the internet.